Building Life Cycle Assessment is One Click away with DesignBuilder

DesignBuilder comes with native integration to一单击LCA, the world’s leading building LCA and LCC platform. This integration enables users to:

  • Transfer DesignBuilder energy models quickly and easily to One Click LCA for additional materials analyses
  • Achieve BREEAM Mat 01 LCA and LCC credits and LEED v4 LCA and materials credits
  • Use One Click LCA’s material database to get a true picture of the carbon & LCA performance

DesignBuilder和One Click LCA都易于使用,因此,合并后,它们无缝地一起工作以允许建筑碳足迹和其他环境影响允许在几分钟之内进行评估和报告,这也就不足为奇了。新的LCA工作流的一些特定优势包括:

  • Only LCA software rated 100% for BREEAM.
  • Additional tools for Life Cycle Costing, Infrastructure, EPD, CSR and more.
  • 支持LEED V4, DGNB, HQE, E + C and many other green building schemes.
  • Access the biggest LCA database on the market, with thousands of EPDs and all your local data.
  • Easy to interpret visual results and access to benchmark data.




Furthermore, if the required scope of analysis goes beyond what is captured in the energy model (e.g. structural elements, foundation or external areas), those can be conveniently added in One Click LCA directly. This allows you to focus on energy-relevant modelling scope within DesignBuilder.

Achieve BREEAM and LEED materials credits with pre-approved One Click LCA

一单击LCAis a pre-approved LCA software for all versions of BREEAM. It can be used to achieve Mat 01 Life-Cycle Assessment, Life-Cycle Costing and other materials credits. It is the highest rated LCA software for BREEAM with 100 % verified rating, allowing you to achieve the exemplary credits. One Click LCA also supports BREEAM LCC scope both for elemental and component level analyses.

It also supports BREEAM UK NC 2018, where Mat 01 LCA fully substitutes Green Guide. One Click LCA can support up to 7 + 3 exemplary credits for Mat 01. In addition, it can support creating seven other BREEAM-compliant analyses, worth up to 14 credits more, for a maximum potential of 24 credits.

一单击LCAcomplies fully with LEED v4 requirements for LCA and comes with separate database for North American and International users. Furthermore, One Click LCA supports dozens of national and international certifications and standards.

Read the credits details here forBREEAM UK,BREEAM International,LEED V4other systems.


Use One Click LCA’s material database to get a true picture of the carbon & LCA performance


This level of the detail allows modelling environmental impacts arising of materials of refurbishment projects where changes only may occur for services and interior design. The list ofintegrated LCA databases is available here.

一单击LCAalso helps you understand how your project is doing in carbon performance terms withCarbon Heroes Benchmark Program, which brings together 1000 buildings for embodied carbon benchmarking purposes.

Getting started

有关集成的更多信息,请参阅:DesignBuilder and One Click LCA: instant Life Cycle Assessment from DesignBuilder

对于DesignBuilder特定说明,请转到:DesignBuilder - One Click LCA Guidance


一单击LCAis a cloud software specializing in construction life-cycle metrics and circular economy. It is developed and marketed by the Finnish Bionova Ltd. The software is used in over 50 countries, supports 30+ rating/certification systems and standards and holds 10 third party certifications.

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